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Magnetic lock interface

The INTELLIKEY system not only allows the control of stand alone doors with standard lock cases, it can also be used to drive magnetic locks, strike and drop bolts.

The Intellikey intelligent controller can, with the use of the Mini DCU relay board, control external equipment. This allows control over external equipment such as mag-lock, strike locks and drop bolts.

By setting the operating mode of the controller via the Quantum software package the mag-lock can be made to operate in a number of different ways. If the Relock mode is chosen then the door remains open for a software adjustable time after a valid key is entered then relocks. If the Toggle mode is selected then the door will remain open after a valid key is inserted and will only lock when a another valid key is inserted.

In addition there is an auto unlock feature which means that you can request a door to automatically open at a certain time on a certain day and lock again without any user activity. So Monday to Friday the door may open at 8:30 and lock at 5:00. Just because it is locked however does not necessarily mean that users cannot get through. If you desire a user with a valid key can open the door out of hours and the door will relock automatically after a software setable period.

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