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Barrier control

Intellikey is not only designed for door access it can also control other electrical devices such as Car Park Barriers.

The same key that gets you into your office can also allow you to park your car. To deny access to the car park at weekends and holidays, Intellikey can do that. You don't want the car park used at night, Intellikey can do that too. With the Mini DCU interface board Intellikey can control the motor that raises the barrier.

Tired of having a huge bunch of keys for different applications. Then Intellikey is the solution. When you lose a key do you have to change all the locks ? Not with Intellikey, just issue a new replacement key and it automatically cancels the lost key in each lock it is used.

With the online system who went in and when is instantly updated within the database allowing both attendance records and charging if required. Intellikey, closing barriers to your security headaches.

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