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Lift control interface

The INTELLIKEY system brings intelligent access to lift control. By using the Intellikey controller the normal lift operation can be overridden giving flexibility and complete control. The simplest use is that a lift should not be used at all by unauthorised uses without the use of an Intellikey.

Within another application access to a particular floor is restricted between 6:00pm and 9:00am. Using Intellikey this is no problem, and has the added benefit of being able to find out who went to that floor and when.

One application was for a hospital with 13 floors. The lifts are always busy with people, both staff and patients, travelling up and down within the building. When an emergency such as a heart attack happens, the crash team needs to get to the patient fast. To do this Intellikey's access control system is used to override the normal lift controls and bring the lift directly to the ground floor. Anyone travelling in the lift can then be evacuated and the crash team transported directly to the floor they need. So whatever your lift control application Intellikey can be used to satisfy your needs.

With the special Intellikey Lift Control Board (LCB) an individual key can be given up to eight floors to which it has access. Each key can be given access to different combination of floors thus giving true flexibility from one key.

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