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The Intelligent Key is the heart of the INTELLIKEY system. The key carries the access control and personal identity data of the assigned keyholder. Each INTELLIKEY key may be reprogrammed hundreds of times, allowing it to serve many keyholders and many functions. It cannot be read or duplicated except by authorized personnel equipped with site-specific INTELLIKEY equipment.

The Intelligent Lock Controller is the decision-making component of the INTELLIKEY system. The controller's sophisticated microcomputer is programmed with the access information for the door it controls. The electronic controller communicates with the Intelligent Key to read the key's programmed access information. If the key is granted access, the controller board's output circuitry activates the appropriate locking mechanism to allow the keyholder entry. The electronic controller has a built-in clock and calendar, allowing it to control access by time as well as location. This provides features such as time zones, holidays, and expiration dates. The controller automatically adjusts its clock for leap years and for daylight savings time. The controller's memory also retains an audit trail of the keys that have been used in it. There are controller housings available to fit any mounting arrangement.

The Electronic Cylinder provides the link between the INTELLIKEY controller and key. INTELLIKEY controllers and keys communicate through an invisible, encrypted infrared link provided by the cylinder. INTELLIKEY cylinders are available as replacements for most standard cylinder types, including mortise, rim, and European profile. The electronic cylinder may be configured for either rotating or fixed operation. The Rotating Cylinder is used in conjunction with new or existing mechanical locking devices where rotation of the cylinder retracts or throws a latchbolt. These locking devices include traditional mortise locks, panic devices, deadbolts and key switches. The Fixed Cylinder works as a key reading device only and is used in conjunction with devices such as parking gates, elevators, turnstiles, electric locks, electric strikes, and magnetic locks.

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