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Intellikey Applications

There are many applications that can be used for every building. For corridor access you can use auto unlocking. This will mean that the corridor doors will be open allowing free access during normal hours and locked outside these hours. This will allow only authorised staff to access the building out of hours.

You can also employ "First Man In" which will keep the door locked during the open times until first unlocked with a key. The auto unlock feature is best used with magnetic lock and strike lock applications. In this mode an external power supply would be used to power the devices. The round cylinder can be used with the yale 8700 lock case.

The hospital environment has to be secure and safe. Intellikey can help in a number of ways. We have installed Intellikey in Lift control to bring the lift straight to the floor with the emergency crash team, saving time and saving lives. We also restrict access to given floors which do not have public access. For ease of use Intellikey is used to power open doors and then keep them open for long enough to allow patient trolleys access. Access to the maternity wards is strictly controlled outside opening hours by using Intellikey's auto unlocking whilst during opening hours doors are magnetically held open. Linking Intellikey to the fire alarm system means that in an emergency the door hold openers release and the doors become unlocked enabling emergency egress from the building. Drugs can be secured in drug cabinets secured by Intellikey and in motorised dispensing cabinets also controlled via the Intellikey system. This gives the administrator a log of who dispensed drugs and when. Even the access to the staff carpark can be controlled via the same key via an Intellikey controlled carpark barrier.

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