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Gate Lock

The INTELLIKEY Gate Lock brings all of the INTELLIKEY system features - standalone operation, audit trail, and access control by user, time, date and location - to swing gates. The Gate Lock is fully compatible with INTELLIKEY's ACS4000, allowing it to be added to an existing INTELLIKEY system, or to provide a secure alternative to padlocks on your site perimeter.

The lock mechanism is constructed of stainless steel, is weatherproof, easy to install, and as a captive chain is used in the locking mechanism, it automatically compensates for the usual sags and misalignment inherent in swing gates.

Standalone operation: no wiring or conduit required
Access Control: Access on both sides of the gate
Versatility: Uses the same Intelligent Keys and Software As the Intellikey ACS4000
Affordability: No costly gate adjustments
Quality: Weather protected electronic cylinder on both sides of the gate
Fully featured lock controller integrated into hardened steel housing

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