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Product Matrix

Order codeMaterialDescription
100026 DCURKIT Fixed cylinder 20 foot extension cable and fixing plate
100034 Cable Extension Adaptor Euro Cylinder
100161 Cable, Extension R4 1ft
100178 Battery STD Alkaline W/Coin
100179 Battery Slim Alkaline W/Coin
100180 Battery STD Cold Pack W/Coin Lithium
100181 Battery Slim Cold Pack W/Coin Lithium
100182US26DCylinder Security Collar System for Adams Rite Narrow Style locks
100201plasticController SA R4 MORTISE
100202US26DCylinder, Euro Half 45/10mm US26D
100203US3Controller SA R4 Slim US3
100204US26DController, SA R4 SLIM US26D
100208US26DCylinder, Euro Double 50/50mm US26D
100271 KPU ( 9/12 volt regulated DC PSU required)
100280US26DCylinder, Euro Double 35/35mm US26D
100282US26DCylinder, Euro Thumb 35/30mm US26D
100283US26DCylinder, Euro Thumb 45/40mm US26D
100284US26DCylinder, Euro Half 35/10mm US26D
100289 EPU Emergency KPU / LPU battery clip
100295US10BCylinder Mortise Rotating US10B
100297US26DCylinder Mortise Rotating US26D
100357 Cable, Extension R4 12ft
100358 Cable, Extension R4 6ft
100359 Cable, Extension R4 3ft
100364US26DCylinder Spacer 1/8in - 3.2mm
100365US26DCylinder Spacer 3/16in - 4.8mm
100366US3Cylinder Spacer 3/8in - 9.5mm
100367US26DCylinder Spacer 3/8in - 9.5mm
100372 Cam Kit Adams Rite, Schlage, Corbin
100373US26DCylinder spacer 1/2in - 12.7mm
100374US26DCylinder Spacer 1/4in - 6.3mm
100379US26DRim Cylinder kit c/w cylinder collar
100380US26DCylinder, Euro Half 60/10mm US26D
100393 K16 Keys (Black)
100399a 20 Site Keys
100405 KPU Remote
100496 Screw Pack
100522 KPU - LPU - site key - software
100544 Snake eye security screw driver
100606US26DCylinder Security Collar with Wave Washer
100795 4oz Corrosion block
100836US26DCylinder, Euro Half 50/10mm US26D
100843 EPU-K Emergency Power Unit for Authorized Key
100989 K16 (Clear)
101035US3Cylinder, Mortise Rotating US3
101048US26DCylinder Spacer 3/16in - 4.8mm
101070 Battery coin cell
101087US10BCylinder spacer, 1/2in - 12.7mm
101088US10BCylinder Spacer, 3/8in - 9.5mm
100170 Cable, Extension R4 50ft
101257 Lock processing unit
101298 UL Listed mortise case escutcheon kit for fire door
101319US3Cylinder Security Collar System for cylindrical deadbolts
101320US26DCylinder Security Collar System for cylindrical deadbolts
101322US10BCylinder Security Collar System for cylindrical deadbolts
101323US3Cylinder Security Collar System for Adams Rite® Narrow Style locks
101324US3Cylinder Spacer, 1/4in - 6.3mm
101325US10BCylinder Spacer, 1/4in - 6.3mm
101326US3Cylinder spacer, 1/2in - 12.7mm
101328US3Cylinder Security Collar with Wave Washer
101329US10BCylinder Security Collar with Wave Washer
101337US10BController, SA R4 Slim US10B
101347PlasticCase, Mortise Kit
101448 Cable, Extension R4 20ft
101675US10BCylinder Spacer 3/16in - 4.8mm

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