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Intellikey Online

The Intellikey system now has an online control module to add to its range. With the addition of the online module to the intellikey controller it allows a standalone controller to both be programmed and read by a central control process.

With the offline heritage of the Intellikey system it means that if communication to the central control is lost for any reason the controller reverts to standalone operation and upon resumption of communication any audits collected are automatically added to the central database.

The online controller can also be used to instantly remove lost keys and add new users. You can also set up timed shutdowns to bar access to all users at certain times.

To add an Online module is simplicity its self - just plug the online module into the existing extension plug on the side of the off-line controller and select the check box in the quantum software to indicate that an online module has been added and let quantum do the rest. It will autodiscover the module and will then allow it to be visable from the online menu.

The online module is available in two variants wired and secure wireless.

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