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Intellikey Key Safe

Key Safe
- Key safe hold non Intellikey Keys
- Gives auditability to when people remove the keys
- Electronic infra red encrypted communication to key

The Intellikey Key Safe is designed to be fitted into a wall using a standard drill and then epoxy bonding. The safe is stand alone and runs on a battery which lasts for up to 3 years. The electronics inside remember the last 1000 accesses saying who and when opened the key safe. So if there is a misuse of one of the protected keys you have a audit record of who withdrew them. As it is weather protected it can be mounted outside the building giving you the possibility to give maintenance people access to the building. The drawer is large enough to contain multiple keys so a chain of doors can be opened after opening the key safe. The Intellikey keys can be programmed to open the key safe on a given day during a given time period so that if the key is lost once the time slot has passed the key is useless unless it is reprogrammed by you.

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