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Intelligent Key

The Intelligent Key is the heart of the INTELLIKEYTM access control system. The Electronic Key's memory carries the access control and personal identity information for a keyholder. The INTELLIKEY intelligent lock controller reads this information to determine if the keyholder should be granted access. This determination is based on features selected for the keyholder, and includes such factors as location and time. The Key also records in its memory an audit trail of the locks in which it has been used. This combination of individualized features and accountability makes the Intelligent Key a powerful component of your access control system.

INTELLIKEY's QuantumTM software allows you to specify the access control and feature information for each Electronic Key in your system. This information is then loaded into the Key's memory with the Key Processing Unit. When the keyholder's access or feature requirements change, the KPU easily updates the Key's programming. The KPU is also used to interrogate the Key, to read and display its audit trail information, for example.

In addition to serving as a standard user key, the Intelligent Key may also be programmed to perform several special functions. The Key may be used, for example, to update the programming of an electronic lock, or to read the audit trail information recorded by the lock. These functions are all supported by Quantum.

The Intelligent Key obtains its operating power from the lock, so there are no batteries to wear out. Intelligent Keys are extremely rugged and are not susceptible to strong magnetic fields or other environmental influences which often incapacitate card based products. The Electronic Key may be reprogrammed thousands of times, allowing it to serve many keyholders and functions.

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